Black diamond solitaire - Rose gold covers

18K Black Gold

Brilliant Cut Black Diamond 

Black Diamonds

18K Rose Gold

Brown Diamonds 

4 800 €

Anil Arjandas is introducing the Bridal collection to incorporate traditions and contemporary design. Great attention to the details and the thorough precision of the handmade pieces promises to keep the love forever. The Bridal ring symbolizes never ending love and loyalty, unbroken promise and commitment.

The new creation meets nowadays innovation too. The very new and original design of the ring ensures the most comfortable wearing experience and encourages you to be creative. You have the ring itself, and now, you can also buy different faces made from different types of gold and different diamond colors, and this way you create the perfect bridal ring that matches perfectly with your taste and personality 

Black gold and black diamonds solitaire ring with rose gold and brown diamonds covers

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