Double Tour Beads Bracelet - Hematite RG&S

18 Kt Rose Gold, Silver, Black and Brown Diamonds

1 350 €

Following the tremendous success of The Original Bracelet that was launched in 2016, the brand CEO & Founder came up with a brilliant concept of a jewellery piece that could be worn as a bracelet and also as a necklace.

The incredible piece is very contemporary yet elegant ,the Tour Beads Bracelet is very versatile not only can you wear this piece casually but you can also wear it in the evening to give your outfit that extra sparkly statement. 

The high quality Tour Beads Bracelet is available in semi precious stones such as Hematite, White Agate, Coral and Turquoise and precious stones such as Brown and Black Diamonds crafted in 18 carat Rose Gold or Oxidised Silver.

This new concept design is a fabulous addition to your jewellery collection, whether you prefer to be discrete with the ebony or vibrant with the coral, this collection has a wide range of semi precious stones to suit any taste.

Be sure to turn heads and make a perfect statement with the Tour Beads Bracelet everywhere and anywhere you go!

Hematite Beads Bracelet, with rose gold and brown diamonds bead and silver and black diamonds ministoppers.

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