Hematite & rose gold - 18 stoppers

18 Kt Rose Gold, Brown Diamonds and Hematite

3 680 €

It is colourful, charming and designed to express complete satisfaction. Carefully chosen combinations of White, Black and Brown diamonds, White Agate, Red Coral, Hematite, Onyx, Sapphire Crystal and Lapiz Lazuli precious stones gives the impression of assiduity. Traditionally, Oxidized Silver, White and Rose Gold dominate on each pieces. Charming, exeptional and simple- secret of perfection.

Multistoppers bracelet with18  stoppers, 13 in Hematite and 5 in Rose Gold with Brown Diamonds


The macrame bracelet has a sliding knot that helps to adjust the bracelet to your wrist by pulling the strings. One size fits all.

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