Brown & black - rose gold pumped eye double  ring

Brown & black - rose gold pumped eye double ring

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Pumped eye ring, rose gold eye with brown and black diamonds and rose gold circle


Pumped Evil Eye is considered as "Luck charm". People still believe that this charm is a life guard against misfortune, and can help to find the life balance. Anil Arjandas collection is created in two different shapes: round and almond-shaped. They are designed using Lapis Lazuli, Chrysoprase, Coral, Agate, Onyx and Hematite precious stones. Collection includes and classical pieces which are made from Rose Gold, White Gold and Oxidized Silver. On every piece there are White, Black or Brown diamonds which give a sparkle of individuality. Pumped Eye Collection is for everybody who seek exclusivity or classics, extravagance or everlasting.